About Xperia Theme

Xperiatheme.com is an unofficial Xperia themes community sharing. We provide many countless themes every day. We try to keep all themes ever made safe in this site. So, your phone will always in style. 

The best way to find the theme that you desired is by using search bar or navigation bar on the left side of the screen on the PC on the bottom on Phone. You can search by colors or everything that cross your mind. Or you can simply click the label of the theme to find related themes.

We realize that newer Xperia doesn't support themes anymore. So, all the themes uploaded only support Xperia XZ3 or older. 

This site use ads to keep it exist because we have to pay domain every year. So, when you are searching on this site ads might appear. I believe you can get used to it.

Don't hesitate to request any theme that you want in comment section. If we have the theme, we will share it right away into this site. And if you have any copyright matters with themes that we provide, you can contact us at xperiaedge22@gmail.com. 

Hope this site is being helpful for you guys. Don't forget to give feedback to us, we want to hear from you.

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